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  • And you thought you had problems...
    Dustin was your average kid at college with the world in front of him. Things were going great.
    It's not that his parents mysteriously died. Or his girlfriend of 6 years dumping him in a very
    public way at college or that one of the most stuck up girls at the college was there and managed
    to humiliate him as well or that the guy that his girlfriend dumped him for beat the crap out of
    And it's not that something happened to the power grid causing most everything electrical to
    blow up or melt down or that two days later a storm of epic proportions blanketed the world
    with lightning and tornadoes and managed to almost scrub humanity from the planet making
    him believe he was the only survivor at the college only to discover that the stuck up girl was
    also a survivor.
    And it's not even that the girl is begging him in tears to help her get to her parents house.
    No, Dustin's problem is none of those. It's that he said yes to helping her.
    When two survivors are thrown together by fate, will they survive each other?
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    What if the Darkness isn't just the lights going out?
    In the modern world, everyone has heard tales of Dragons, Faeries and other mystical creatures
    but no one believes anymore. But Witches? Now there's a different story. Everybody has an
    eccentric aunt or knows that oddball on the edge of town that people go to for answers to
    questions no one wants to ask.
    Among the Witches, there's a group known as the Gifted and the Warriors who protect them.
    Aidan is one of those Warriors and he, along with his Witch Keela, have stood against Evil far
    more times than they care to count.
    There has always been a group of Gifted Witches and Warriors that stood united against Evil, but
    this time, when the forces of Evil decide to up the ante and take down the entire world, could it
    be only Aidan and Keela standing against them?
    Will one Gifted Witch and her battered Warrior be enough to stop the Apocalypse?
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    Would you walk three thousand miles just to be with the one you love?
    Failing in his attempt to stop the Darkness from triggering the equivalent of a massive EMP, Aidan
    finds himself in Alaska, over three thousand miles away from his Witch, Keela. Surviving the storm
    of the century was just the first step in his epic journey to reunite with her.
    With the guilt of his failure weighing heavily on his soul, will he cross those miles and arrive in time
    to protect his witch, or will he also fail in that?
    Can he just watch society collapse around him and do nothing? Should he stop and render aid
    where he can or abandon his morals in his rush to get to his Witch?
    When love conflicts with duty and honour on a grand scale, how can one man make such a choice?
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    If everything you'd ever built was destroyed in one brief moment, would you be able to go on?
    When faced with what appears to be the total destruction of Sanctuary, Aidan is forced to face
    the fact that everything he had tried to put in place to save humanity is gone. He'd been unable
    to stop the Darkness from sending the world back to the stone ages, and the sacrifices he made
    in getting to his witch weigh heavily on his soul. His greatest fears have been given life and he
    seems powerless to stop them.
    Sometimes the simplest acts of kindness can be twisted into something dark, and helping
    strangers can create an opening for darkness to exploit. Sam and Charlie, in their innocence,
    may be the weapons the Darkness uses to take out the Witch and Warrior.
    If the only way to save humanity was to sacrifice his witch, will the needs of the many outweigh
    the love of the two?
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    How can you rebuild if the only thing keeping you alive is not settling down.
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    Retribution or Justice? Could you turn the other cheek?
    As the tattered remnants of Sanctuary move from the scene of their near destruction, Aidan
    stumbles across the people responsible for the devastation.
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    Is Good the absence of Evil or is Evil the absence of Good?
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    How can you defeat darkness without becoming dark yourself?
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    If the journey to hell is paved with good intentions, what is the road to heaven paved with?
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    Does the end justify the means? Or does the means justify the end?
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Chronicles of Sanctuary
The journey to bring the Chronicles of Sanctuary to life began a long time ago, but I never thought I could “write”. I had a story to tell and when I shared it, everyone loved it, but I wasn’t a writer…. Or was I? In Sept. of 2013, events took place that showed me that I could, in fact, write. From that simple little spark, the conflagration that consumed me day in and day out started. In a daily cycle, the words flowed, sometimes as easy as opening a faucet and letting them flood the page and other times as hard as pulling teeth. But from that pain and happiness, the Chronicles of Sanctuary were born and I’d like an opportunity to share them with you. The story is a long one, covering ten full books, so curl up in your favorite reading spot with a beverage of your choice and follow me as we explore the world of Aidan, Leona, Ashley, Sam, Dustin, Christine and the Guardians. I warn you, this is not our world. Things don’t work and react the way we expect them to. So be careful while you’re here, you may not come back, or at the very least, when you return, you will be a different person.
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