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Chronicles of Sanctuary
The journey to bring the Chronicles of Sanctuary to life began a long time ago, but I never thought I could “write”. I had a story to tell and when I shared it, everyone loved it, but I wasn’t a writer…. Or was I? In Sept. of 2013, events took place that showed me that I could, in fact, write. From that simple little spark, the conflagration that consumed me day in and day out started. In a daily cycle, the words flowed, sometimes as easy as opening a faucet and letting them flood the page and other times as hard as pulling teeth. But from that pain and happiness, the Chronicles of Sanctuary were born and I’d like an opportunity to share them with you. The story is a long one, covering ten full books, so curl up in your favorite reading spot with a beverage of your choice and follow me as we explore the world of Aidan, Leona, Ashley, Sam, Dustin, Christine and the Guardians. I warn you, this is not our world. Things don’t work and react the way we expect them to. So be careful while you’re here, you may not come back, or at the very least, when you return, you will be a different person.
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