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Title: Darkness
Series: Chronicles of Sanctuary #3
Published by: Myndworx Asylum
Release Date: 1/1/1900
Contributors: Steven Sheeley
Genre: , ,
Pages: 450

Would you walk three thousand miles just to be with the one you love?

Failing in his attempt to stop the Darkness from triggering the equivalent of a massive EMP, Aidan finds himself in Alaska, over three thousand miles away from his Witch, Keela. Surviving the storm of the century was just the first step in his epic journey to reunite with her.

With the guilt of his failure weighing heavily on his soul, will he cross those miles and arrive in time to protect his witch, or will he also fail in that?

Can he just watch society collapse around him and do nothing? Should he stop and render aid where he can or abandon his morals in his rush to get to his Witch?

When love conflicts with duty and honour on a grand scale, how can one man make such a choice?

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