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Surviving the Apocalypse 101 – The Event – Part 4

Surviving the Apocalypse 101 – The Event – Part 4

A realistic discussion of the realities of surviving an apocalyptic event.

We are assuming the “Event” to be a massive solar flare EMP that wipes out the world electric grid.

I honestly believe that the Thin Blue Line is what keeps a majority of the law-abiding citizens, law-abiding. I’m not saying that everyone is a baby-raping killer. But what do you think will happen in the cities after a few days when people start to realize that everything is gone? After the supermarkets and corner stores get cleaned out? I’m not saying that everyone is going to turn into a bunch of raving lunatics overnight. I truly believe that the majority of people are good people and that they’ll help each other. In the short term at least.

Most people I’ve spoken to don’t believe that roving gangs of drug addict biker gangs will roam the country side, but I ask this; Where are those drug addicts and gang members going to get their food from?

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