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The Battle Between Us

Title: The Battle Between Us
Series: Chronicles of Sanctuary #0.5
Published by: Myndworx Asylum
Release Date: 1/1/1900
Contributors: Steven Sheeley
Genre: Apocalyptic, Science fiction, Speculative fiction

Family at birth, enemies by fate. Can sibling rivalry destroy the world?

Unbeknownst to each other, Cynthia and Robert are brother and sister, separated at birth. One chooses the Obscure and a life of Chaos and the other chooses the Lambent and a life of harmony. Each rises to the ultimate position of power within their respective organizations and each does their best to outmaneuver each other. In the

When they clash head on over an almost feral, unbonded witch, the table is set for an epic struggle. While the Obscure win and the witch joins the, Cynthia is set back by realizing that Robert is her brother. That information nearly destroys her and she can not believe that her flesh and blood would be her mortal enemy. She appeals to him to join her and his response is for her to join him. They battle and he manages to elude and escape her. In her anger she vows to eradicate him even if to do so, she must destroy the world.

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