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Title: Devastation
Series: Chronicles of Sanctuary #4
Published by: Myndworx Asylum
Release Date: 1/1/1900
Contributors: Steven Sheeley
Genre: , ,
Pages: 450

If everything you'd ever built was destroyed in one brief moment, would you be able to go on?

When faced with what appears to be the total destruction of Sanctuary, Aidan is forced to face the fact that everything he had tried to put in place to save humanity is gone. He'd been unable to stop the Darkness from sending the world back to the stone ages,  and the sacrifices he made in getting to his witch weigh heavily on his soul. His greatest fears have been given life and he seems powerless to stop them.

Sometimes the simplest acts of kindness can be twisted into something dark, and helping strangers can create an opening for darkness to exploit. Sam and Charlie, in their innocence, may be the weapons the Darkness uses to take out the Witch and Warrior.

If the only way to save humanity was to sacrifice his witch, will the needs of the many outweigh the love of the two?

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