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Before I Sleep

Title: Before I Sleep
Series: Chronicles of Sanctuary #1
Published by: Myndworx Asylum
Release Date: 1/1/1900
Contributors: Steven Sheeley
Genre: , ,

And you thought you had problems...

Dustin was your average kid at college with the world in front of him. Things were going great. Until...

It's not that his parents mysteriously died. Or his girlfriend of 6 years dumping him in a very public way at college or that one of the most stuck up girls at the college was there and managed to humiliate him as well or that the guy that his girlfriend dumped him for beat the crap out of him.

And it's not that something happened to the power grid causing most everything electrical to blow up or melt down or that two days later a storm of epic proportions blanketed the world with lightning and tornadoes and managed to almost scrub humanity from the planet making him believe he was the only survivor at the college only to discover that the stuck-up girl was also a survivor.

And it's not even that the girl is begging him in tears to help her get to her parents' house.

No, Dustin's problem is none of those. It's that he said yes to helping her.

When two survivors are thrown together by fate, will they survive each other?

Also in this series:

September 2034
Magnolia High School, New Martinsville, WV

Jasmine rolled her head to the side and looked at her partner. "Em, why are we in the ass end of Hella Nowhere, West Virginia again?"
Her partner, Emmett, sighed as he responded. "We are NOT, as you so eloquently put it, in the ass end of Hella Nowhere, West Virginia. We are in New Martinsville, West Virginia, sitting across the street from the Magnolia High School where our target is currently getting ready for his graduation ceremony. And please stop calling me Em."
Jasmine shifted in her seat, sweeping her dark bangs from her forehead in frustration. "Remind me again WHY we are, as you so eloquently put it 'Em', NOT in the ass end of Hella, West Virginia, but in New Martainsville, West Virginia, watching a bunch of children get ready for their graduation ceremony."
"Because, Jasmine, we were told to keep an eye on a one Dustin Moore. The very same Dustin Moore that is graduating In a few months and going off into the big bright world all by himself. Or, as he is currently planning, off to college. And, might I add, when Cynthia tells you to do something, one does what she says."
Jasmine was getting tired of hearing that name. Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia. Always Cynthia. Little miss perfect, she of the long legs and beautiful hair. She of the ice-cold heart and penetrating eyes. Yes, I know she's in charge, the leader and all that shit, but that doesn't mean we all need to sit around in terror of displeasing her. Ok, maybe it does. Jasmine muttered under her breath "Why in the hell would Cynthia want anything to do with a wet behind the ears, snot-nosed little high school kid?"
Emmett looked at her with amazement passing across his face as he shook his head. "Did you not pay attention to the briefing Jas?"
Jasmine's dark eyes steeled for a moment as she looked at Emmett. "I told you to never call me Jas. Ever."
"And I told you to never call me Em, but that didn't stop you now did it?"
"It's a term of endearment, Em. I don't call anyone else by anything other than their proper names. Would you rather I call you Mr. Winston?"
Emmett shook his head. "No, and I do not require any terms of affection from my partners. Period. And, to answer your question, since you did not pay attention to the briefing, there is a Metajuncture between this kid and Aiden. And Cynthia wants everyone and anyone who has a Metajuncture with Aiden closely watched. If we can break the Metajuncture, we may be able to slide things to our favor. Or do you need me to explain it again?"
"No Em, I mean, Emmett, I DO understand that. I'm just tired of getting stuck in the ass end of... Sorry, stuck in podunk places like this, watching some snotty kid who's clueless. You want to break the Metajuncture? Kill the parents." Jasmine studied her fingernail, then glanced up once more, eyes hard "This is just a waste of time."
Emmett looked at his partner and sighed. "Always the blunt approach. Never the delicate finesse needed to nudge things our way."
"Blunt? What's wrong with blunt? Kill the parents. The boy will be grief-stricken and the Metajuncture won't happen. Besides, he's not a Witch. Or a Warrior. And the Lambent can't watch everything, so, we kill the parents, the boy goes off the deep end with grief, and...... OH! Wait a sec. We hit them with a double assault. We kill the parents and we get that Miss Goody Two Shoes he's in love with, what's her name?"
"Stacie. The young lady's name is Stacie."
"Yeah, right, we get Stacie to fall for some College hunk after they get there. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. The boy is grief-stricken over the death of his parents and just when he's recovering, the girlfriend dumps him! Tell me that's not elegant and awesome shit right there, Em!"
Emmett sat and thought for a moment. "Jasmine, I'm, simply amazed by you sometimes. I think that perhaps....."
Jasmine interrupted him, her eyes pleading with him "It's a damn good plan Em, and you know it. You need to kick it upstairs to Cynthia and let her know. It's a good pl......."
"Relax Jasmine. I happen to agree with you, it is a good idea and that's what has me confused. How did you come up with it in the first place?"
Jasmine smiled and winked at him "Because I'm not just another damn sexy body Em, I've got a brain too."
"I was just beginning to wonder when you'd exercise it instead of relying on your looks to get you everywhere. Anyways, I'm going to pass this up the chain to Cynthia right now and see what they think."
Jasmine nodded her head as Emmett pickup up his phone and called the office. Which was strange because, as far as she knew, Emmett never called in from the field during a run. Why it is every single time anyone comes up with an idea, her name was tossed out in a Pavlovian response? What, are we incapable of original ideas in her mind? Or is it nothing that we think of will work? Shit, what if she throws it out, dismisses it. Wouldn't Emmett get in trouble for that? Jasmine glanced at Emmett as he talked on the phone. He can handle it, I need to be more worried about me.
20 minutes later Emmett disconnected the call and looked at Jasmine. "We're to report back to the closest field office and await further instructions. Word is that Cynthia will be there in a few hours to talk to us both concerning this, uhm, plan of ours."
Jasmine stared at Emmett, her eyes cold. That son of a bitch is trying to steal my idea! "Plan of ours? Just how is this a plan of ours?" she demanded.
"It's a plan of 'ours' because I pitched it to the local Councilor who wouldn't have even taken a call from you. He pitched it to the regional Overseer who pitched it to the national Arbitrator who pitched it to Cynthia. And it all happened in 20 minutes because 'I' called it in. I gave you credit, I backed it, and now we're going to see Cynthia about it. Not me. Not you. Us. That makes it 'our' plan. Of course, if you'd rather, I will remove my name from it, and let you meet with Cynthia and explain everything by yourself to her. Though I do hope she appreciates the idea, you know how she can get when her time is wasted."
Like I'm going to face that bitch alone. Not yet, anyway. Jasmine shook her head and smiled softly "Well played Em, well played. Ok, let's get over to the Lodge and wait for Cynthia."
As Emmett pulled away from the curb Jasmine turned her eyes to the school and a feral grin crossed her lips. You're safe for now little boy. But I don't think you're going to like the future very much. Enjoy your graduation. It's the last little bit of happiness you'll have. She laid her head back and closed her eyes with a self-satisfied smile.

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