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Surviving the Apocalypse 101 – The Event – Part 9

Surviving the Apocalypse 101 – The Event – Part 9

A realistic discussion of the realities of surviving an apocalyptic event.

We are assuming the “Event” to be a massive solar flare EMP that wipes out the world electric grid.

(The original definitions of the 5 types of people was posted to a discussion group I am a member of on Goodreads. I borrowed their definitions to use here. )

You’ve got basically 5 types of people as far as I can see, please comment if you think there are “others”. They are:

The good citizen: Go to the supermarket and stuff your rucksack with as many tinned peaches as you carry. Will largely end up dead, unless they’re lucky, skilled at hiding, or band together with neighbors for defense. But can they trust their neighbors?
The gangsta: Ignore the supermarket and head straight for the gun store. Then loot all the food you need from the good citizens. This has the added bonus that they will have carried the tinned peaches home for you. Will be the enforcers of the new age of warlords. The average gangsta loves power and destruction, but with few exceptions, lacks the ability to lead.
The capitalist: Don’t bother with the supermarket. Recruit a few gangstas and fortify the nearest supermarket distribution center (which will carry far more than the supermarkets). I believe these come in different sizes/styles, but all would try to to find ways to sequester resources for payment to enforcers of some kind (gangsta, police, or military).
The farmer: Ignore the tinned peaches. They’re only temporary supplies at best. Look for a way to plant seeds (and defend them from the gangstas). Would survive for awhile, until the warlords ventured out from the cities, or the capitalists paid them a visit. Then, they become the new serfs. If found by capitalists, at least they would likely have protection.
The opportunist: Go to the house of the nearest senior politician. Handcuff yourself to said senior politician. Sit back and wait for both of you to be whisked off to the nearest Government bunker. Cross your fingers that the soldiers sent to pick up said senior politician don’t have bolt cutters. Would be dead quickly, unless they have something to offer. Either they’re likely to remain chained to a walking corpse since very few people will want to rescue the politicians, or they’ll just be shot in the head and their hand hacked off by the politician or their assistant.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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