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Surviving the Apocalypse 101 – The Event – Part 8

Surviving the Apocalypse 101 – The Event – Part 8

A realistic discussion of the realities of surviving an apocalyptic event.

We are assuming the “Event” to be a massive solar flare EMP that wipes out the world electric grid.

How will the unprepared affect you? By the simple fact that they have nothing but a couple of days worth of food and no way to replenish it. And when they are looking at their kids, wondering how they are going to feed them, what will they do? We are biologically wired to care for our children. And when we see them starving, we are going to do whatever we can to feed then, take care of them. Let’s try this situation. You are one of the unprepared. You know of a family or a group of families that you always thought of as weird. The ones that have stores of food, who grow their own food, they then can (preserve) that food and store it long term. So, you head over to this place and try and barter/beg some food. You might be lucky in that you have something to barter with that the family needs or wants. But, soon enough, it’s going to run out and you still have no food. What do you do then? Desperate times beget desperate measures. Will you attempt to take what you want by force or will you let your family starve?

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