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What is Sanctuary

What is Sanctuary? In the books, Sanctuary is the brainchild of Aidan O’Donnell. A man who made his fortune in the Tech industry, Aidan’s time in the military led him to understand that, should society collapse, for whatever reason, he needed to be ready. Ready for anything. With that in mind, he set out to create Sanctuary where like-minded people could come to in the event of a Shit Hit The Fan scenario. Realizing that survival wasn’t enough, Aidan started working with a group of people called the Guardians to rebuild and recreate, society. Taking a look at the ills that plague our society today, they started work. In the books, Sanctuary became a thriving society and a beacon of hope for a devastated world. In reality, Sanctuary resides here, on this website. It is the community of fans that have gathered together to converse about the books and the Sanctuary universe. At the basic level, once you’ve joined the website and registered, you are a “resident” of Sanctuary. Please feel free to take a look around, become active in the groups and the forums here. Take part in the Saturday night author chats with Steven. Sanctuary members have access to teasers and other pre-release items that non-members do not have.


Steven Sheeley

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