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What Apocalypse? – The End

We’ve explained what each type of potential apocalypse scenario is. Global Pandemic, Supervolcano, Artifical Intelligence, Extreme Weather, Synthetic biology, Asteroid impact, Ecological collapse, Nanotechnology, Nuclear warfare, Bad local governance, Global system collapse. Each of these is something that scientists have been looking out, trying to figure out which one is most likely. Many people, including filmmakers, authors and media types have speculated about how life on planet Earth could end. Scientists from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation have compiled the first research on the topic, drawing a list of 12 possible ways that human civilization might end.

The idea of the study is not quite new. However, due to its treatment in popular culture, the possibility of the world’s infinite end provokes relatively little political or academic interest, making a serious discussion harder, according to researchers.

Here’s are the scientists best guess of the probability of one of these occurring:

  1. Global PandemicProbability: 0.0001%
  2. Supervolcano – Probability: 0.00003%
  3. Artifical Intelligence – Probability: 0-10%
  4. Extreme Weather – Probability: 0.01%
  5. Synthetic biology – Probability: 0.01%/li>
  6. Asteroid impact – Probability: 0.00013%
  7. Ecological collapse – Probability: Unknown
  8. Nanotechnology – Probability: 0.01%
  9. Nuclear warfare – Probability: 0.005%
  10. Bad local governance – Probability: Unknown
  11. Global system collapse – Probability: Unknown

So, how does one survive the Apocalypse? If the Supervolcano erupts under your feet, not so much. If the Asteroid lands on top of you, not so much. If the nuclear bomb lands on your head, not so much. However, that being said, you still need to prepare for the apocalypse should you survive the initial apocalypse and find yourself in the post-apocalyptic phase. To that end, what does one do to prepare for the post-apocalyptic world? The list is almost endless so we’ll take a look at those in a different series.


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